Tahlsound Music Festival

About Tahlsound

Tahlsound - A Good Idea

Over a decade ago, Tahlsound was just an idea - an idea sprung from a question: "Why isn't there a local music festival on Southland Drive?" Over time this idea of Tahlsound (an anagram of Southland that is pronounced tall-sound) spread from one individual to the next. It seemed like a good idea, or at least a nice dream. Ultimately, in 2017 four friends (Gareth Evans, Seth Murphy, Brandon Pittard and Chris Smith) in collaboration with dozens of their friends and neighbors succeeded in bringing Lexington the inaugural Southland's Tahlsound Music Festival.

Why Southland Drive?

One of Lexington's oldest shopping districts, Southland Drive, features an inviting layout of bike lanes, service roads, parking space, sidewalks and waterways. This unique corridor is home to a bustling array of local, regional and national businesses, including a few that contributed to Southland Drive being dubbed "Lexington's Music Row" in 2010 by former mayor, Jim Newberry.

Southland's musical reputation is well earned. For nearly a decade it was home to The Southland Jamboree. Just a short walk down Southland from one another were Willie's Locally Known and Big Hair HQ (both of which brought a ton of live music talent to the community and are dearly missed). Many (more than a half-dozen) of the street's storefront windows are or were those of local music shops. Sadly, Carl's Music Center, Chuck's Guitars and DW Sound are now gone, but still rocking are Don Wilson Music, The Drum Center of Lexington, Doo-Wop Shop and Willcutt Guitars (which sits on Rosemont Garden at Southland's end). From spring to fall the Southland Lexington Farmers Market consistently hosts local musicians picking, strumming, bowing and singing for a tip or just for fun.

Southland Drive's musical tradition made it a prime area for a music festival. For three years, 2017-2019, Tahlsound Music Festival presented local, regional and national performers to its audience at Oleika's Great Lawn. These events included local artists showcasing their conceptions, community cuisine and breweries satisfying festival-goers' palates, and interactive artistic and music activities inspiring young and old to try their hand at something new and creative.

The Tailgates

As 2020 began, Tahlsound geared up for a summer concert series that would culminate in a fourth Festival. These plans took a turn due to obvious health concerns, and Tahlsound adjusted by down-scaling the Festival into two, single-day events which took place in the parking lot of Critchfield Meats Family Market. These Tahlsound Tailgates maintained the Mission "to celebrate, elevate and recognize our neighborhood's musical and artistic vibrance," and were well-received by attendees and the community as a whole. For 2021 Tahlsound will host a series of monthly (April-September) Tailgates on Southland that will carry the torch of presenting live music to audiences in a family-friendly setting.

Mission Statement

To celebrate, elevate and recognize our neighborhood's musical and artistic vibrance through an inclusive festival with emphasis on artists from surrounding communities.

Legal Matters

•Tahlsound Management (T.M.) reserves the right to refuse/revoke entry to any individuals or animals deemed threatening/disruptive by T.M.

• T.M. reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the pass/ticket purchase price, to refuse admission or to eject any person who fails to comply with the rules of the venue, local, state or federal law, or whose conduct is deemed illegal, disorderly, or offensive by T.M. 

• Persons entering the venue are prohibited from bringing unauthorized merchandise, alcohol, illeagal contraband, controlled substances, weapons, firearms, fireworks, professional photo/video equipment or other professional recording devices. Any persons found attempting to enter the venues with forbidden item(s) will be refused access, or, at venue’s discretion, allowed to give up forbidden item(s).  

• Pass/Ticket/Wristband users (Purchasers) and Guests assume all risks of personal injury incidental to the event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the event. 

• The resale or attempted resale of passes/tickets/wristbands at a price higher than that appearing on the face of the pass/ticket is prohibited and if discovered will result in the ticket being voided without refund. 

• The sale of unauthorized merchandise/food/drink is prohibited. Individuals found to be involved in unauthorized purchase or sale may be ejected from the event, at the discretion of T.M. 

• All Purchasers, Guests and individuals on site consent to Tahlsound Music Festival and its affiliates'/vendors'/partners' use of their image or likeness, incidental to any video display, transmission, or recording of the event. 

• Tahlsound Music Festival 2019 is a rain or shine event. No refunds shall be offered for rainy weather.

• Tahlsound is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

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